February is Marfan & Related Disorders Awareness Month! 

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Research over the last four decades has led to remarkable progress in understanding Marfan syndrome  (MFS) and led to improved clinical management; doubling the life expectancy to near normal for most patients. Through the generosity of the Temerty Foundation and our members, GADA Canada continues to provide support towards Marfan research since 1999. Click here for MFS research supported by GADA

Together with research developments, building awareness of Marfan syndrome has played a crucial role in educating families and health-care professionals; increasing number of early diagnosis and making the outcomes of research more effective.

There is power in working together...get involved and help spread awareness

Share your story: Sharing your stories really helps to build awareness and help others - share your story here and it may be featured on GADA's website or Facebook. Or if you prefer, share you story via email.

Every year, GADA shares inspiring stories from our members that has touched the lives of many others in similar situations, spreading hope to those families.

Social Media: connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, share our posts and share your own to help us grow connections and spread knowledge of these disorders

Support GADA Canada: You can also help by contributing to support GADA’s cause to promote awareness, research, education and support. Community Fundraising, is a fun way to increase awareness and help support GADA. Donations made to GADA at a fundraiser will receive a tax benefit. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your event.
Other ways of contributing include; memorial donations, honourable donations, workplace gifting programs and sponsorships that help us go a long way to spread awareness and promote research knowledge of all genetic aortic disorders related to Marfan syndrome through our communities

 We thank you for your continued support to make a difference!