September 19, 2018

Are you or a loved one a SURVIVOR of AORTIC DISSECTION, or have you lost someone to it?

JOIN US and friends all over the world on September 19, 2018 to raise awareness of aortic dissection  

Take a selfie wearing RED and share your photo with our message on Facebook!

Aortic Dissections can be FATAL when diagnosed in an emergency!

Knowing the causes and signs of aortic dissection can help early diagnosis and improve patient survival with a better quality of life. Learn more  

Several genetic disorders are known to increase the risk of aortic dissections. Identifying the specific genetic cause for aortic dissections can help predict the timing for preventive aortic surgery, further reducing the high morbidity and mortality associated with undiagnosed aortic dissections.

Raising awareness must not stop after September 19! Share your aortic dissection survival story to continue promoting awareness by Clicking Here!