It's Marfan syndrome awareness your support! 

Morgan Story is holding a special fundraising event on Saturday February 23rd in Guelph, ON to raise awareness of Marfan syndrome (MFS)! Click here for the event details and if interested connect with Morgan Story by email 

There will be information about MFS, Morgan’s own shared experiences, raffle prizes, refreshments and more. You can support Morgan’s MFS awareness fundraiser by joining the event, if in the area, sharing her event with social connections or making a contribution.

Proceeds of the event will be donated to GADA Canada. Thanks to Morgan Story for organizing such an excellent initiative!

Every contribution made to GADA Canada helps promote Marfan research, awareness, education and support; aiding in early diagnosis to prevent premature death and improve the quality of life. Click here for MFS research supported by GADA since 1999