Presenting the Lifestyle Home by Rooftight: 2012 Marfan House

The Canadian Marfan Association is proud to announce another year of the Marfan House from Rooftight.

Scott Smith, President of Rooftight announced in early March, Rooftight’s commitment to donate proceeds from the sale of the Lifestyle Home to the Canadian Marfan Association and the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association Care Program. The first Marfan house, completed in 2010 raised an astonishing $20,000 for the CMA and the Lifestyle home hopes to raise more!

The Lifestyle home is a showcase home that will present world leading green innovation and best practices in the home building industry. Rating 93 on the EnerGuide (Natural Resources Canada,, the 4000 square foot home will cost approximately $80 per month for all utilities and will produce power with solar photovoltaic cells that will create electricity and sell power back to the grid. The Lifestyle home will be available for public viewing before being sold.

Rooftight is an industry leader building homes for “real life” with leading edge designs and woman-centric homes, which has lead them to receive the prestigious Nova Scotia Builder of the Year Award in November. Rooftight was presented with an award of appreciation from the CMA for the 2010 Marfan House at the 2011 CMA Halifax Conference.

Rooftight demonstrates and exemplifies creativity and innovation in giving and the ability for anyone to make a difference using the resources available to them. On behalf of the Canadian Marfan Association members, friends, staff and Directors, we thank Rooftight for their dedication towards our mission to improve the quality of life for patients and their families and increase awareness of Marfan syndrome, related connective tissue disorders and hereditary aortic aneurysms and dissections.