Annual Fundraiser in Memory of Jason Keith


Once again and for the 6th year Dave & Pam Keith held a fundraiser in memory of their son Jason “Ruffy” Keith. Jason died in 2003 from Marfan syndrome and since then the Keiths have been holding an annual fundraiser to support the CMA.

The Pool & Poker tournament fundraiser took place on April 18 at Dooly’s in Moncton, New Brunswick. The event started with Dave & Pam explaining to everyone what Marfan syndrome is and passing out the CMA’s brochure. As Dave exclaims “very few people understand what Marfan is!!” 30 pool players and 13 poker players attended this year’s event along with many of Jason’s old friends who all helped to raise $1083.

Everybody had a great time and they had a lot of nice prizes for everyone. Dave would like to thank Drew Lapointe, Manager at Dooly’s and all their friends and family. The event is drawing more people each year and Dave hopes to increase the money raised next year and keep raising the awareness of Marfan syndrome. Thanks to all for your continued support!