The Marfan House

The Marfan House

At Lot 42 Iron Court in Sackville, Nova Scotia there is a special project underway.

The Marfan House project was spearheaded by Scott Smith, President of RoofTight Construction who is building the home to donate the net profit to a charitable organization in need of funding.

The money raised from the sale of the home will go to The Canadian Marfan Association, whose mandate is dedicated to saving lives and enabling promising futures for those living with Marfan syndrome through education, research and support.

"Maybe we can help educate others about this little known disease and ultimately save a life.” Smith said, “It just doesn’t get any more meaningful than that.” RoofTight’s in-house designer, Michelle Reid has a daughter with Marfan Syndrome.

Smith admits that it’s been a tough year for those in the home building industry but “giving back” is an important part of his business model and he did not hesitate to present this idea to the board of directors of the CMA.

"My real hope is that the young couple or individual looking at buying this home want to be a part of that good feeling too," he said. "They'll be able to enjoy a wonderful, affordable home and know just how special this house is. And we get to donate the proceeds to a very underfunded organization".

The Canadian Marfan Association receives no federal funding from Health Canada and relies completely on funding from private sources to carry out patient support and education of health care professionals that is so critical to management of this syndrome.

Smith will be approaching the companies that supply his trades and building materials to ask their support in driving the donation number up. “if I can encourage my suppliers to discount their product to me for the Marfan House, then my building costs go down and the result is a larger donation to the CMA.”  “ My estimated $20,000 donation cheque could grow to $25,000 or even $30,000.”

The Marfan House project home can be found at Lot 42 Iron Court, Twin Brooks Subdivision, Sackville.