GivingTuesday is a global day of giving to a meaningful cause.

Support your favorite charity and help make a meaningful impact!

On November 28th, let’s kick-start this season of gifting, by giving generously to help GADA reach its holiday goal of $ 15,000

Every contribution made to GADA helps us; a) provide support for research of aortic diseases, b) influence an aortic clinic-structure in Canada that will provide timely & appropriate diagnosis & treatment of affected loved ones, and c) promote knowledge & support from ongoing research developments, to medical professionals and families dealing with these silent life-threatening disorders.

GADA is the only organisation in Canada striving to promote aortic research and clinics for better management of individuals affected by rare genetic aortic disorders. Our mandate is to help provide knowledge and support to the individuals and families affected by the many and varied complications of these disorders.

Every dollar you donate to GADA helps us provide the information you may be seeking.

We thank you for your continued support!