We sincerely thank each and every member who contributed generously in support of GADA in 2018! 

GADA Canada is tremendously grateful to our Elite Sponsor, the Temerty Foundation, for their continued generosity to advance research on genetic aortic disorders since 1999.

We are truly grateful to all those who donated to GADA in memory of loved ones recently lost to a genetic aortic disorder. May their memory remain in our hearts and their smiles never be forgotten. 2018 Memorial Donors & Supporters

We are also thankful to the members who supported the future of research, with donations in Honour of a special someone living with a genetic aortic disorder! 

We especially thank Nicole Pleten for sharing her daughter's, Hanna's, story and for helping build a more connected community in the Greater Toronto Area through a peer support network group. If interested, connect with the group on Facebook or send them an email: friendsofgadagta@gmail.com 

Please take a moment to read Nicole's story and other inspirational stories of our members that demonstrate how the dedicated efforts of GADA supports those with a genetic aortic disorder.

If you would like to share your story, please send it to us by email. Your story helps us learn more, inform more and improvise our programs.

Best wishes for 2019! Let's stay connected!