We sincerely thank each and every member who contributed generously in support of GADA in 2017! 

GADA Canada is tremendously grateful to our Elite Sponsor, the Temerty Foundation, for their continued support to advance research on genetic aortic disorders since 1999.

We are truly grateful to all those who donated to GADA in memory of loved ones lost to a genetic aortic disorder. May their memory remain in our hearts and their smiles never be forgotten.  

We are also thankful to the members who supported the future of research, specifically MAC research, with donations in honour of a special someone! The MAC group has made tremendous progress with the international patient research registry. We are encouraged by the progress made thus far and look forward to great discoveries and improved treatment protocols for every genetic aortic disorder. 

We especially thank Sheena Reeves for sharing her son's, Felix Reeves, story that emphasizes the importance of clinical research, such as MAC research, to improve treatment and management of neonatal Marfan syndrome. GADA also thanks Jill Valer for stressing on the importance of family genetic testing, through her story, to avoid emergency surgery when living with a rare genetic aortic disorder, SMAD3.

Please take a moment to read these and other inspirational stories of our members that demonstrate how the dedicated efforts of GADA serves to improve the lives of individuals with genetic aortic disorders.

If you would like to share your story, send it to us by email.