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Toronto Genetic Aortic Disorders & Marfan Peer Support Network

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In September 2017, GADA hosted a 'Genetic Aortic Disorders & Marfan Peer Support Network' meeting for members of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Thanks to the initiative taken by GADA members; Tami Friedman, Nicole Pleten and Katy Hornsby; 17 members from around the GTA, who are affected by a genetic aortic disorder, were happy to connect with each other for peer support.  

The group expressed that the meeting was very beneficial and have planned to get together again for a fun & games meet up on December 2nd @ 11 a.m. at A Game Cafe, Toronto  Click Here for event details

To stay connected with each other, a closed Facebook group has been set up called ‘Friends of GADA GTA’. If interested to join the GTA group or if you would like GADA to help start a support group in your area, please send us an email.