15th Annual JASON ‘RUFFY’ KEITH Memorial Raises over $ 2,000 In Pool Tournament Fundraiser

For the 15th year, in April 2018, a Memorial Pool Tournament fundraiser was organized for Jason ‘Ruffy’ Keith by his closest family and friends at Dooly’s in Moncton, NB.

Jason’s family continues to host this event year-after-year to keep Jason’s memories and friends close & more importantly to help increase the awareness of the terrible disorder – Jason passed away in 2003 from Marfan syndrome.

Yet again, the turnout of supporters was exceptional! There were approximately 30 pool players & the place was full of family &friends. The event raised over $ 2,000 in memory of beloved Jason Keith. These proceeds were kindly donated to GADA Canada, Thank you!

Help Raise Awareness of Genetic Aortic Disorders

For the second year, on November 18, 2017, #SailsofLight at Canada Place , Vancouver, will be lit red recognizing awareness of genetic aortic disorders in Canada. GADA is thankful to the Port of Vancouver for helping to spread awareness of all genetic aortic disorders related to Marfan syndrome.

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Canada Place Sails of Light are illuminated each evening from dusk to dawn, with seasonal vibrant colours, displays and animation. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority offers local charities and non-profit events, the opportunity to build awareness for their cause or organization by illuminating the Sails of Light in colours themed to the specific cause. 



In May 2016, Frankie Aiello, died from an acute aortic dissection at the age of 28. Frankie was well-built and a great athlete. Like the Canadian actor, Alan Thicke, Frankie was playing hockey when he experienced chest pain a short while before he passed away. 

In May 2017, Frankie’s family hosted a memorial service at the Oshawa Golf Club. Frankie was remembered by his closest family and friends, who donated to GADA $ 1,000 in support of promoting awareness of genetic aortic disorders. Thank you!

We humbly thank Frankie’s brother, Joseph Aiello, and ‘Just Energy Foundation Canada’ for donating $ 485 to GADA in honor of Frankie.

Frankie’s family and friends realize the importance of raising awareness of aortic disorders as an effort to help save lives in the future; for this we are tremendously thankful! 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and to all our members who donated towards our cause in memory of a lost loved one.  

14th Annual JASON 'RUFFY' KEITH Memorial Raises $ 1,600 in Pool Tournament Fundraiser

In April 2017, family and friends participated in the 14th annual Jason ‘Ruffy’ Keith Memorial Pool Tournament fundraiser. The memorial fundraiser was organized by Jason’s family at Dooly’s in Moncton, NB.

Once again, the turnout of supporters was exceptional! With 34 pool players and many supporters, the event raised $ 1600 in memory of beloved Jason Keith. These proceeds were kindly donated to GADA Canada.

We are truly grateful to Jason’s parents, Dave and Pam Keith, Jason’s brother, John, and Drew LaPointe, General Manager, Dooly’s, Moncton, NB, for organizing this fundraising event for 14 years in loving memory of their son and brother, Jason. Jason passed away in 2003 from Marfan syndrome.

We are humbled by the continued support received from Jason's friends, family, and the local community who come together every year to cherish Jason's memory and support the work of our organization. THANK YOU!