You can help support GADA in its mission by holding your own fundraising event! The summer is here and the time is now! You can make a difference while doing the things you love! You can even save a life! 

Holding a fundraising event on behalf of GADA Canada is a fun way for you to increase awareness about the different genetic aortic disorders and get all your family and friends involved. You can raise funds by selling tickets to your event or requesting donations at your event, or both! You’re not too young or too old, and no amount is too little! 

Here are some ideas to help get you started:      

Golf, basketball, hockey, or any sporting tournament/event
Walk a thon or even a swim a thon!
Host a lunch, BBQ, dinner, or even a brunch!
Have a wine or beer tasting party!
Plant a garden in memory of the different genetic aortic disorders (GAD)
Be creative, have fun, and create your own event doing something you enjoy!

Think bigger!!! September will be here soon, start a GAD Alliance or Club at your school or university and with the help from all its members, you can hold a great event that reaches out to your entire school and community! 

So you’ve decided what event you want to host, now what?

Choose a date and venue and you’re almost there!

Contact GADA and we would be happy to advertise your event on our website. We can also supply you with posters and brochures to display and distribute at your event. GADA will also provide official tax receipts for each donation over $25.

Please contact us by email at: or by telephone at (905) 826-3223 or 1(866) 722-1722.