2014 Annual General Meeting of Members

The Canadian Marfan Association is please to announce our 2014 Annual General Meeting

DATE: Saturday, September 20


LOCATION: Metro Hall, Room 303, 55 John Street, Toronto, ON   


Join us for a coffee and some snacks and get to know "your" CMA and what we've accomplished in the last year and what we aim to accomplish in the year ahead.

RSVP IS REQUIRED, no later than Wednesday, September 20, 2014. RSVP by email at info@marfan.ca or by telephone at 905-826-3223 or toll free at 1-866-722-1722.

Click here for Notice of AGM

Click here for Agenda

Click here for Proxy  - Can't make it? Complete and return the signed proxy to the CMA no later than Wednesday, Sep 17 and have your voice heard in your absence.