The 2016 GADA - TFF Research Grant Award Recipient is Dieter Reinhardt, PhD, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Cell-Matrix Biology, McGill University, Montreal, QC, for the project entitled, “Mechanisms and therapeutic potential of microRNA regulation by fibrillin-1”.

Significance: This novel approach will help to understand how fibrillin-1 regulates miRNAs in normal and pathological situations. Identification of critical miRNAs and their downstream targets in MFS pathobiology can lead to novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

This year, GADA issued a second research grant award to Dr. Kevin Harris, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinician Scientist, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, for the project entitled, “The Effects of a Physical Activity Intervention on Aortic Health in Children and Adolescents with Marfan syndrome (MFS)”.

Significance: Expected outcomes include improved aortic health and improved quality of life for MFS patients. The proposed novel research will inform exercise recommendations for youth living with MFS.

Both research groups have been awarded $ 50,000 (Canadian dollars) / one year. The research proposals submitted to GADA's Research Award Program, were reviewed and ranked highest by our professional Scientific Review Committee. GADA is tremendously grateful to the Temerty Family Foundation for the funds provided to advance research on genetic aortic disorders.